USD Team Wheels Promo – USD Skates (USD Skates)

USD SkatesUSD Team Wheels Promo – USD Skates
from USD Skates on 21 Feb 2020

USD Team Wheels Promo – 700480, 700481, 700482, 700483, 700484
Along with the revolutionary design of the Aeon skates, we decided that it was time for the next generation of wheels and wheel sizes. The new USD wheels come with a diameter of 55mm, 58mm, 61mm, 64mm, and 68mm and a hardness of 90A, which ensures smooth and fast rolling and durability even on rougher surfaces, which makes them the perfect aftermarket wheels for your skates. It features a milky polyurethane color, a round profile for less friction and a tribal core. The wheel of choice, if you are looking for the next upgrade on your skates!

Riders: Roman Abrate – 68mm, Jaro Frijn – 61mm, Xavi Eguino – 61mm, Sven Ischen – 58mm and Matt Ford – 55mm

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