from Erik Droogh on 24 Sep 2019

SB Events hosted a unique head-to-head box battle during the Urban Sports Week Amsterdam: The Amsterdam Knockout.

I did a little live stream during the USWA – Amsterdam Knockout!
Check it out and make sure to be there next years!


The Amsterdam Knock-out is a head to head battle on a specially designed box. In heats of 3 minutes the riders battle each other, with their best technical grinds and one will advance to the next round. 2 skaters will reach the finals and go head to head for the win.

After qualifications the 16 best inline skaters battled each other in this tournament. Lacing their best tricks representing their blue or red corner, they tried to knock each other out of the tournament.

For the Amsterdam Knockout we went back to the core of street skating: a simple box that triggers creativity, style and flow. The inline skaters, judges and audience had and awesome evening and are eager to come back to the Museumplein next year!

Tournament flow:

1st Round:
Joran Jesse Fleurke VS Dan Collins
Nills Jansons VS Mats-Kaarel_Ruus
Montre Livingston VS Diako Diaby
Joe Atkinson VS Ruben Smulders
CJ Wellsmore VS Sem Croft
Yuto Goto VS Steve Swain
Nick Lomax VS Jayton Karluss
Jaro Frijn VS Luca Gobbo

Quarter finales:
Dan Collins VS Nils Jansons
Montre Livingston VS Joe Atkinson
Sem Croft VS Yuto Goto
Nick Lomax VS Jaro Frijn

Semi finales:
Dan Collings VS Joe Atkinson
Yuto Goto VS Nick Lomax

Final battle:
Joe Atkinson VS Yuto Goto

The Amsterdam Knockout champion:
Joe Atkinson

Judges: Blake Bird, Freddy White & Thijs Tel
Referee: Max Fes
MC/Hosts: AJ Stine & Randy Abels
DJ: Titus Blekemolen


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