Valentine´s day skating on Powerslide Doop Swift 2018 – step-in fitness inline skates (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesValentine´s day skating on Powerslide Doop Swift 2018 – step-in fitness inline skates
from Powerslide Inline skates on 14 Feb 2018

Make Valentine´s day a Doop day!
Have a look at the brand new line of Powerslide Doop Trinity Swift skates, rolling through the city of Barcelona. The Doop Step-in fitness inline skates are designed for the urban environment and perfect for city commuters. The skates come with the new Trinity mounting to maximize the control while skating and minimizing the ride hight. The sturdy size-adjustable shell of the Doop skates gives lots of support while skating with the comfort of wearing your own shoes inside the skates.
Make it a Doop day!

Powerslide Doop Swift skates 2018 in Barcelona – step-in fitness inline skates
Skaters: Tatiana Quiroz, Marsh Tim, Javier Rosa
Skates: Powerslide Doop Trinity Swift 110 – 909035
Powerslide Doop Trinity Swift 100 – 909033
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Video: Pablo Soler

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Doop Skates

Make the most out of your skating summer, make it a Doop day! Doop inline skates are specially designed as commuter skates. Thanks to their unique & patented technology, step-in Doop skates are customizable to your shoe size, allowing you the comfort & convenience of your own shoes while you skate. The high quality hardware is perfectly designed to be suited for both women & men, beginners & experienced riders alike. If your plans are fitness, recreational, urban cruising, transportation or tricks, Doop skates won´t let you down!

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