Valo Korea: With Kyungmin “Kevin” Lee (Tyriek Gibson)

Tyriek GibsonValo Korea: With Kyungmin “Kevin” Lee
from Tyriek Gibson on 15 Nov 2017

Hung out with Kev in South Korea this summer, i used to skate with this guy back in 2014. He is one of the chilliest dudes on blades ever! He is a Valo distributor and a kick ass rollerblade instructor responsible for the huge increase in little shredders coming out of Korea.

His little prodigies (Kang Dong and Jay Yoon) are absolutely amazing at rollerblading, both of them have surpassed me in the sport and i have been blading longer than they have been alive!

Also sorry Kev for the long process, i wanted to make a skate vid but didn’t have enough clips to really make that happen. Maybe next time we will do it proper.

1st Artist/Song
Artist Travis Bretzer – Death Rock

2nd Artist/Song
Bones and Xavier Wulf – Wedontbelieveyou

3rd Artist/Song
Mac Demarco – On The Level

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