Van Mini Park / Finally Did Trick Requests! – Vlog – 03/10/18 (Dustin Jamieson)

Dustin JamiesonVan Mini Park / Finally Did Trick Requests! – Vlog – 03/10/18
from Dustin Jamieson on 12 Mar 2018

The homie Shane is doing a 30 day blade challenge and I was lucky enough to get a sesh in with him and his daughter. Full on dad sesh. Peep his challenge progress on Instagram. @shane_mcclay. Shouts to Megan, Xmas, and Beau for coming out to Vancouver and skating a baby park lol.

I’m sorry it took me so long to actually get these trick requests done! I didn’t want to do it on a prail, but man, time flies and I only have ledge parks near me. Anyways, huge shouts to Spencer Thompson and Sean Boddington for the requests! Hope I didn’t disappoint. I’m always open to realistic trick suggestions lol

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