BenVG23 – Delegation of Authority full movie
from Ben on 27 Aug 2022

VideoGroove video magazine Issue 23 – Delegation of Authority. Released in 2005. Produced by Dave Allen Paine.Featuring Marcuz Anzardo, Kevin Raser, Brian Aragon, Ben Schwab, Kevin Yee, Jeph Howard, Chris Olpin, Conner O’Brien, Gonzalo “Gonzo” Jaquez, and others.From the cover: Thought it was over didn’t you? This issue comes at a volatile time for all of rolling. VG23 delegates the authority to the next generation of skaters. These directors have stepped up and are helping carry the torch. VG23 showcases incredible sections from all over the United States. This twenty-third issue features a pro file on Gonzo Jaquez. Respect is long overdue. We also feature Jeph Howard, Connor O’Brien, and Kevin Raser. They are all slotted for greatness in some of the most memorable VG sections ever compiled. Big respect to all the directors of VG uniting to keep VG strong.David Allen PaineVG since ’93