Victor Daum // SALISTA – Part I (Razors Skate Co.)

Razors Skate Co.Victor Daum // SALISTA – Part I
from Razors Skate Co. on 8 Apr 2019

“I started a 1 year worldwide travel the 30th October in California. Then I’ve been to Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (there is an article about my first month in California, ). I will continue the trip to Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and South East Asia.

« SALSITA » is filmed by Cavin Brinkman (San Francisco, CA), Kim Dong Kyu (Long Beach, CA), David H. Zama (Guadalajara, Mexico), Héctor Reyes (Guadalajara, Mexico), David Granados (Medellin, Colombia), Danny Dio (Quito, Ecuador), Carlos Lora (Lima, Peru).

This edit is dedicated to all the people I met during those months.”

Thank you.


Victor is skating the Razors Shift2 Model

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