Rachard JohnsonViking Kids on Skates – The Future of Rollerblading
from Rachard Johnson on 17 Dec 2022

shop at https://www.onetrickaday.com/ – https://www.sagonabrand.com.com/Shot By: Rachard Johnson https://www.instagram.com/rachard.johnson/Thor is a 7 yr old that loves simply love agressive rollerblade. started at the age of 5 hes progressed extremly fast along side of his sister Astrid with the help of many well known and just really good skaters guiding them.. Hes one of the youngest kid to ever be sponsored by a skate company (Sagona Brand) and its just the beginning for him… The Dominic Sagona Allstar Sway Skate is now available exclusively through sagonabrand.com