Vova Turkin @ Moscow S3t Contest 2019 (PILLS WHEELS)

PILLS WHEELSVova Turkin @ Moscow S3t Contest 2019
from PILLS WHEELS on 7 Dec 2019

😎 Residing in Volgograd, Vova Turkin is known for his competitive aproach. He never misses such big competitions and each event he shows something more powerful.

True porn on a kink rail – no problem! At MSC Street Contest 2019, Vova once again proves to be one of the most stable rollerbladers in Russia.

🇷🇺 Moscow Street Contest 2019 happened on 17. August 2019. This amazing event for more than a decade is the biggest rollerblading street competition in Russia and also one of the oldest and the most long lasting annual rollerblading event in the world. A lot of aggressive inline skaters from different countries gather to show their best. 

📹 Filmed by Kirill Galushko, Grisha Shishkin
🎬 Edited by Kirill Galushko 

🔈OST: Truwer – Медали

🖲 #pillswheels #bladeordie #rollerblading #aggressiveinline

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