Waterloo – Guest leftovers edit

Jay GeurinkWaterloo – Guest leftovers edit
from Jay Geurink on 12 Jul 2013

Leftover clips from Waterloo Filmed by Anthony Medina and guest edited by Jay Geurink.

Waterloo summary:

“In the past year the Austin scene has been thriving. So many bladers from other cities are starting to gather here and the level of blading has gone up because of it. In the past, every weekend it seemed like Mason and I had to scrap to find 1 or 2 other guys to blade with, now we usually all gather together Friday nights and enter the weekend ready to get shit done (even if we do drink too much the night before). When I started this video I wanted to focus on OUR scene for once as opposed to filming different bladers from different cities. We’ve still been traveling non-stop but it’s nice to know you’re gonna be filming with the cast week in and week out. The Austin scene is the best it’s been in a while in my opinion and it’s bc of the guys in this video. “

Available at:
Direct – nameant.bigcartel.com
Roller Warehouse – rollerwarehouse.com
Inline Warehouse – inlinewarehouse.com
Oak City Skate Shop – oakcityskate.com
eRolling Skate Shop – erolling.com
Intuition Skate Shop – intuitionskate.com


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