Baloo With WheelsWhat is FLOW? // Blading Diaries 002
from Baloo With Wheels on 16 Jul 2020

Whats up YouTube! I am back with a new video sharing my thoughts on how Flow is affecting my back to blading journey!In this video I will talk through my early experiences of Flow, the bladers that really highlighted this element of blading to me and how I am making sure this is a big part of my development as an olderblader!Here is my last video: is a list of the people and channels I mentioned in this video:Mushroom Blading – Jump Street Podcast – Wizard Skating – Shop Task – Hit that subscribe button and follow my channel and like my videos, it means the world!Come and connect with me!Instagram: my camera gear, see below:Sony a5100 55mm 1.4 DM-670 Camera and Audio VideoMic Camera Top Handle on my YouTube channel you will find stories from my life in a fine city!