Whats Brewing Whats Brewing (Weymouth Episode 13)
from Whats Brewing on 22 Jun 2024

Welcome back once again and this time we visited the sunny seaside town of Weymouth, Dorset met up with the locals Ross Johnson, Chris Barrow, Sammy Barrow, Alfie Barrow, Jamie Barwick. This also includes Billy Murton, Matt Smith, Jenny Herbert, James Rendell, Niko Salaman and Mitchell Cawte thanks everyone for another great day of skating and laughs.Peace. Whats Brewing.Spot 1 Costa ledge 00:16Spot 2 Up rail 03:34Spot 3 Wall rail 08:39Spot 4 Railway wall 09:49Spot 5 High ledge 11:32Spot 6 Ledge lines 12:07Spot 7 Curbs and banks 15:45Outro 17:06