Unlabelled GirlsWhat’s Up Unlabelled Girls Ep. 04
from Unlabelled Girls on 29 Jul 2021

CHAPTERS 00:00 INTRO00:25 CONTESTS – Carla Pasquinelli at PRO BOWL Contest00:59 CONTESTS – Uma Hijda at FPC Catalan Championship01:42 MINI PROFILE – Kimberly Moon-Chong03:25 SHOUT OUT – Gabrielle Denis03:56 COMPILATION07:45 COMPILATION – Suzuka09:07 COMPILATION – Nicoly Machado10:55 KINDA THE END (But not really)PRO BOWL Contest is organized by AMSCAShttps://amscas.fr/The Catalan Championship is organized by the FCP http://www.fcpatinatge.cat/caMUSICEgoby – Night Sky https://ffm.to/q4mbwa5Egoby – Farewell https://ffm.to/6mbjnqoVizzle – Wish They UnderstoodFeaturing in order of appearance:Jeler Tina (Italy)Twins (Switzerland)Evelin Souza (Brazil)Kate Bedrata (Ukraine)Carla Pasquinelli (France)Uma Hijdra (Spain)Kimberly Moon-Chong (Canada)Gabrielle Denis (France)Layla Q (USA)Katherin Duarte (Colombia)Paola (France)Milu Guevara (Colombia)Ana Jlia (Brazil)Meidy Setlight (Indonesia)Byeolhee (South Korea)Julia Maczynska (Poland)Shafna Yunita (Indonesia)Suzuka (Japan)Nicoly Machado (Brazil)Victoria Meiller (New Zealand)Nathalie Roger (Germany)Paula Zawadska (Poland)Melike (Turkey)Lonita Graham (Canada)Dasha Moon (Colombia)Domi Kaczrowoska (Poland)Natalia Sobota (Poland)Cutest (Turkey)Kei (Bolivia)Dominika Dolly (Poland)Raquel Diaz (Spain)Belen Tejeda (Argentina)Nle Terzo (Luxembourg)Elis (Venezuela)Produced by Unlabelled Media https://linktr.ee/unlabelledmediaOFFICIAL WEBSITE https://unlabelled-girls.comUNLABELLED CLOTHINGhttps://linktr.ee/unlabelledclothingA lot of blading (aggressive inline skating, patins street, roller street, patinaje aggressivo, bladies) basically #unlabelledgirls #blading #inlineskating #bladies #patinsstreet #roller #compilation #sport #extreme #girlsshred #girlswhoskate #girlswhoblade #locaskates