Where Are They Now? Eitan Kramer (Wheel Scene » Wheel Scene | Wheel Scene)

Where Are They Now? Eitan Kramer
from Wheel Scene » Wheel Scene | Wheel Scene on 5 Nov 2015

Former professional rollerbladers pop up in the most random of places. Hoax star Brian Smith can be seen rubbing shoulders with Hollywood celebrities now that he is a respected fashion photographer, Senate co-founder Brooke Howard Smith is a television host in his native New Zealand and Tyler Shields is rapidly becoming a cult icon in the art world due to his bizarre and sometimes controversial creations. However, it was still a pleasant surprise to click on a Kickstarter project for an interesting fitness equipment idea, click on the promotional video and find that the co-creator of the brand is none other than former vert skater Eitan Kramer. In the 16 years since he stepped down from professional blading it does not appear that he has aged much at all. In fact, the only notable physical difference is that he has put on a few kilos in pure muscle. The New York City blading legend was a professional for Roces, Gap and Senate at the height of his career in the late nineties and produced many video parts over the years, including a section in latter’s seminal debut team video Day Of The Rope. He also travelled all over the world, […]

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