Which Liners Fit In Which Skates? (aggressive) (LocoSkates)

LocoSkatesWhich Liners Fit In Which Skates? (aggressive)
from LocoSkates on 26 Sep 2019

Harry tests out the most popular liners for aggressive skates in the most popular aggressive skate boots to see which are a Yeeee …and which are a Nah.

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0:56 – Razor Cults
2:18 – THEM Skates
3:51 – Razor SL’s
5:33 – Roces M12
6:43 – Remz HR1
7:42 – Roces Fifth Element
8:44 – Razors Shift
9:52 – USD Sway
10:59 – USD Aeon

You can find out more about each of the liners shown here:

Intuition: https://www.locoskates.com/products/intuition-skate-v2-liners
Myfit 2nd Skin: https://www.locoskates.com/products/powerslide-myfit-2nd-skin-dual-fit-liners
Myfit SPC: https://www.locoskates.com/products/powerslide-myfit-spc-dual-fit-liners
Myfit Crown: https://www.locoskates.com/products/powerslide-myfit-crown-dual-fit-liners
Myfit Recall: https://www.locoskates.com/products/powerslide-myfit-recall-dual-fit-performance-black-liners

Use code WHICHLINERS? for 10% off all liners at LocoSkates.com from now until 30th Sept Midnight (GMT).

Music: Loco Symphony 1 – by Gaston Demoratti

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