Which TYPE of skates are right for me? | LocoSkates (LocoSkates)

LocoSkatesWhich TYPE of skates are right for me? | LocoSkates
from LocoSkates on 19 Nov 2014

Which type of skates are right for you? With so much choice it can be difficult to know the right type to buy for your skating desires. Jake from LocoSkates.com presents a buyers guide to help you identify the difference between skating disciplines and to help you find the appropriate skates for you.

With the largest stock of inline skates and rollerblades in the UK, as well as a huge range of quad and roller skates; LocoSkates are here to help. Whether you want to skate for recreation, fun or whether your bag is freestyle skating, Slalom skating or aggressive (trick) skating.

Come see our local worldwide skate shop at LocoSkates.com

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