Tom MoyseWhy Rollerblading Died: reacting to the negative comments
from Tom Moyse on 27 Oct 2021

A few weeks ago Jimmy The Giant posted a video on why rollerblading died. It didnt, for anyone concerned. He gave insight into the rise and substantial drop-off of inline skating. There were some small errors but he otherwise captured and presented the story well.Any time there is mention of rollerblading, you can find people oversharing their negative opinion. And Im going to get into those commentsHelp support me continue to make Rollerblading videos, from Watch Listen Consume: Rollerblading News to Reaction Videos and Hot Takes, any donation would be greatly appreciated. Alright01:37 It starts positive02:34 Comment 1 – BIN IT03:01 Comment 2 – My Dad03:16 Comment 3 – Easier to get hurt04:49 Comment 4 – Rolling is basically it06:10 Timmy The Hawk07:38 Learn to celebrate – no need to roll07:57 Comment 5 – Not fit enough to skateboard or bmx09:13 Comment 6. – Half the skill09:52 Down the bookies11:11 Comment 7 – Skaters didnt really hate12:45 Comment 8 – Its crap13:09 Comment 10 – Mind your head 14:42 DJ BODY SPIN LIVE16:55 Comment 11 – Quads are King17:46 Comment 12 – Pretending to be skateboarders 19:11 Comment 13 – Skateboarders use wax too20:02 Comment 14 – I want to be a crab21:13 Comment 15 – Well all knew it21:50 Comment 16 – LAAAAMMMMEEEEE22:29 Comment 17 – Who ruined it?22:59 Comment 18 – TOO EASY23:03 Comment 19 – Exploding ankles 24:11 Comment 20 – FRIENDS24:29 Comment 21 – We are still here24:37 Comment 22 – Super Fminin 25:09 Comment 21 – Frisbee Golf25:56 Comment 22 – No skill27:05 OutroOriginal video: