Why We’re Hyped For State Of The Art (http://www.wheelscene.co.uk)

Why We’re Hyped For State Of The Art
from http://www.wheelscene.co.uk on 18 Jan 2016

Jonas Hansson’s latest video, State Of The Art, drops next month and there are plenty of reasons to believe it could be the next seminal blading release. Danish blading video auteur Jonas Hansson is set to release his new film, State Of The Art, next month and to say that we are excited about the forthcoming project would be something of an understatement. This latest venture will be his first release since Traitement in 2011, which was a beautiful voyage through Europe documenting a snapshot in the lives of some of the continent’s most iconic blading personalities. A lot has changed in the five years since his last video, including his camera set-up, but Hansson’s unmistakable style of showcasing blading has never been more prevalent. In recent years he has worked with some of the biggest names in the sport and you can recognise his signature approach within seconds of pressing play. His pristine angle selection is coupled with soft focus footage that looks almost as though it is covered in the mildest of glazes. Hansson’s delicate and elegant approach looks almost as if Sofia Coppola made a skate video with the same approach she adopted for The Virgin Suicides. […]

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