WICKED Bearings – Lomax Drone skating sessions (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesWICKED Bearings – Lomax Drone skating sessions
from Powerslide Inline skates on 26 Oct 2019

Nick Lomax shoots out another edit for his bearing sponsor Wicked. Fast rolling ILQ9 bearings for endless lines through the Olympic area of Montjuic, Barcelona. WICKED Bearings – Lomax Drone skating sessions

The Wicked ILQ9 CL is a tough performance bearing, made to take a beating and keep on spinning. Especially designed for rolling sports athletes who are prepared for action. Because when you want nail that trick or cruise the street of your favorite city the WCD Twincam ILQ 9 CL is your only choice, just like top athletes from our urban and freestyle team. BE WICKED.

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