Williams Cerlo 40yo (Hadrien Bastouil)

Hadrien BastouilWilliams Cerlo 40yo
from Hadrien Bastouil on 30 Jun 2021

Williams really just loves to skate!
Since I first saw him shredding the ESA street comp in Montpellier back in 2005 until this day I’ve always been amazed by the passion burning in this man. Since then I have been lucky enough to become his friend and been able to capture many of his tricks and manoeuvres. For his 40th birthday, he got brand new skates and a surprise compilation of clips from the last year and a half (2020-2021) which were for the most stolen footages of random sessions filmed by friends and on different devices. In order to cheer him into a next decade the mix contains his favourite pumped up tune which title is quite relevant and a track nodding to everyones different and fragile opinions; so why so serious? As a loving husband, father and hard working man there is still no spot that can contain him once he strapped his blades and I hope you will enjoy this bday gift as a celebration of a skating lifestyle.
And yes, you read it right, Williams Cerlo is 40 yo!

– Bladong Special –

� Main Camera & edit:
Hadrien Bastouil
Charly Gringos
Joel Barthes
Bob Lemarrant

� Music
Vitalic – Stamina
Jean Grae – Hater’s Anthem

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