SkatefreshAshaWizard skating online course – first impressions preview of some pre-requisite skills by Cristiano
from SkatefreshAsha on 17 Jan 2023

This video by Cristiano in Milan shows him using the pre-requisite part of the upcoming Skatefresh Wizard skating online course. The course is not yet finished but it is in final production and due to be ready in March 2023. Cristiano was one of the lucky skaters chosen to test drive the course.The Milan Skatefresh group is a group of skaters who meet regularly to train together using the Skatefresh online course syllabus (for various levels). They use one copy of the online course and together watch the demo videos and then practice the progression exercises together. This keeps everyone motivated, allows for peer corrections using the ‘common problems’ section from each lesson, and helps everyone to focus on the correct parts of each movement.To join the Skatefresh Milan group or to follow their activities join their Facebook group. contact Cristiano: cristianoattanasi@gmail.comCristiano wears Rollerblade Twister Edge (boot) FR rockered frame with 90/100Do you skate with a local group of friends or enthusiasts who practice and skate together? If you want to make faster progress and use the Skatefresh system of a structured syllabus and progression framework then talk to Cristiano about how to set one up. The most important component is to practice the right things, the correct movement exercises in the right order. Then your practice time is productive and leads so success.Even Skatefresh YouTube videos do not share the syllabus of skill ordering, pre-requisites or full skill progressions and this is partly why watching any YouTube video is unlikely to produce quick and easy results (unless you are a complete ‘natural born skater’ which is rare). Check out the courses available and test them out for FREEBEGINNER INLINE – FREE VIDEO TRAININGS Are you a compete beginner and apprehensive about getting hurt? Want to start skating safely without falling? Prefer to follow a step-by-step program rather than YouTube snippets? Avoid injury and embarrassment by learning to skate with a professional instructor following proven methods. Grab your Free Beginner Level In-Depth Tutorials Today. 1. Static Preparations + Basic Movement… 2. Basic Stride… INTERMEDIATE INLINE – FREE VIDEO TRAININGS Have you hit a wall in your learning? The harder stuff doesn’t come so easily anymore. Expand your repertoire of skills with new stops, turns and more speed. Grab your Free Intermediate Level In-Depth Tutorials Today. 3. Lunge Turn… 4. Fitness Stride… ADVANCED INLINE – FREE VIDEO TRAININGS Want to make people stop and stare? Grab your Free ADVANCED Level In-Depth Tutorials Today. 5. Barrel Roll… 6. Double Push Speed Skating Technique… BEGINNER QUADS – FREE VIDEO TRAININGS Are you a compete beginner and apprehensive about getting hurt? Want to start skating safely without falling? Prefer to follow a step-by-step, easy to follow program? Grab your Free Beginner Level In-Depth Tutorials Today.7. Static Preparations + Basic Movement (Quads)… INTERMEDIATE QUADS – FREE VIDEO TRAINING Have you hit a wall in your progress? Having trouble stopping? Every Quaddie needs a T-stop that works! 8. T-Stop… YOGA FOR SKATERS Getting aches and pains during or after skating? Maybe you need to be adding some stretching to your skate practice. Grab your FREE 7min pre-post skate stretch video class here; 9. lessons in the UK and Asha’s Touring Trips schedule, visit Follow Asha and Skatefresh on social media: Facebook: Skatefresh Asha Instagram: @skatefreshasha