WNS Southside Skatepark November 2010 (JakeHayes)

JakeHayesWNS Southside Skatepark November 2010
from JakeHayes on 25 Nov 2010

November compilation edit of Wednesday Night Skate at Southside Skatepark in South Houston, TX. Huge thanks to the WNS crew. I love you all. I feel grateful to be able to skate with such a hilarious, talented and stylish group every week. You inspire my skating and enrich my life. Happy Thanksgiving! Cast in order of appearance: Daniel “what do you mean shirts have sleeves?” Bertalot, Joey “the professor” Hernandez, Josh “it didn’t even hurt” Ferguson, Eric “sooooda” Milliren, Isaac “fuuuuuu” Parks, “High Flyin” Ryan McCarty, Mark “Big ol Doli” Bidgoli, Luke “gandhi” Whitney (thank you so much for filming my tricks), Henry “the international” Walker, Ryan “tombout” Walker, James “best molest in the west” Rice, Nate “i do not take performance enhancing drugs” Lorenson, Joanna “mouse” Lorenson, Jennifer “four LOKO” Costello, Jamie “the new kid”, Rich “shorts” Bachmann, “little” Will Kennedy, Jay Kays, Jarrod “srs bsns” Banning, “osh kosh b’josh Ferguson, Dr. Joey Hernandez.

To Austin, Lindsay, Zach and anyone else that attended the sessions but didn’t appear in the edits, I apologize. I simply didn’t have the time to film everything I wanted to. I’ll get you all in the December edit. <3

Filmed on a Samsung Fascinate, edited in Windows Live Movie Maker

Song: The Love Language – Lalita from the Mondo Boys “Weird Summer” Album. (thanks Mick!)

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