Tom MoyseWorlds First Rollerblading Trick, New Dustin Latimer Shadows, Metro Card Classic, New Yuto Goto M12
from Tom Moyse on 5 Sep 2023

Rollerblading has seen tow worlds firsts in one competition! The first ever soul cork 900 out, spinning the hard way from Diako Diaby followed by Julien Cudot doing a topsoul cork 900 out. It looks like Yuto Goto has some new m12 pro skates on the way,. Weve had the Metro Card classic with great skating from Eugene Enin, John Bolino and Alex Broskow. Michael Witzemanns pro skates was revealed and was the Dustin Latimer Xsjado Shadow. Will we get an edit or and interview?If you would like to see more of this and support the channel:NEW Merchandise: a member: the Patreon donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a has been loads of new edits from the likes of Levi Van Rijn, Joe Atkinson, Kevin Lee, Jumbo, Jordan Williams, John Sullivan and more.00:00 Rollerblading News00:22 Levi Van Rijn Amsterdam First Days Mesmer – Plastic Pushers01:32 Worlds First in rollerblading – topsoul cork 900 – Julien Cudot and Diako Diaby02:20 Yuto Goto new pro m12 roces skate – Dom West, Carson Boysen02:50 Michael Witzemann Pro USD Sway – a break down of the skate – Best Sway skate04:25 Riveted vs cuff bolts on rollerblades5:40 Sam Crofts New Pro USD Aeon – Best Aeon skate06:47 Dustin Latimer Pro Xsjado Shadow – Shane Coburn08:00 Mook Frames08:43 Will there be a Dustin Latimer promo edit for his skates09:28 Dustin Latimer Jumpstreet Podcast10:03 Eugen Enin skating the Brooklyn banks10:43 BPSO 2023 – Boschi Pope Skate Off – NYC invitational11:47 Eugen Enin at Metro card classic 202312:07 Yandriel at the NYC invitational 12:42 New Mesmer edit and jeans on the way13:05 Bacemint x Dead wheels and Bacemint x Joe Atkinson FDR skatepark14:20 Moonshine Wheel Dennis Lopez15:30 Jumbo rollerblading Calen Benevides16:11 the razor cult skates has a new soul frame17:02 Jordan Williams skating for razors – John Sullivan 4017:46 Kevin Lee – Seoul Skater – Sea Jang18:30 Thank YouMetro Card Classic NYC 2023: SKATES – Antony Pottier UFR PRO-MODEL GOTO – ASAYAKE BLUE – FIFTH ELEMENT SKATES 5th Element – Nils Jansons Episode 29 – Sam Crofts 12 – Matthias Knoll // Then And Now Podcast Atkinsons FDR”For-Tee” – Kevin