WRS World Finals 2010 by Remz (Remz)

RemzWRS World Finals 2010 by Remz
from Remz on 12 Nov 2010

Remz taking over the year ending World Championship @ Rye Airfield Skatepark on Nov 6 2010!
WRS 2010 Tour World Champion: Chris Haffey (2nd: CJ Wellsmore)
WRS 2010 Overall Ranking #1: CJ Wellsmore (2nd: Chris Haffey)

Props to everyone who showed up at Rye to compete or to have a good time, or both, all the remz riders in this edit, all the non-remz riders in this edit, all the ones not on this edit as well and the whole WRS organization building better and stronger year after year.

Much love and respect goes out to Chris Haffey for all that you do for Remz and for the whole community for well over 10 years.

Main camera and edit by Jason Reyna @ rollingmission.com. Additional camera by Kato. Also thanks Daniel Rhodes for sending that Chino clip.


1. Chris Haffey
2. CJ Wellsmore
3. Brian Aragon
3. Roman Abrate
5. Diego Guilloud
6. Jeff Stockwell
7. Fabio Enes
8. David Sizemore
9. Soichiro Kanashima
10. Montre Livingston

1 CJ Wellsmore 18000
2 Chris Haffey 17600
3 Brian Aragon 17000
4 Roman Abrate 16100
5 Romain Godenaire 15300
6 Julien Cudot 14100
7 David Sizemore 11700
8 Diego Guilloud 10500
9 Soichiro Kanashima 10100
10 Jeff Stockwell 9200


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