WSX‘ WSX 2013 Season ‘ World Skate Cross Series Shanghai CHINA #9 HD
from WSX on 12 May 2015

WSX Step #9 ***Shanghai, ChinaShanghai WSX men’s race podium15 countries were represented in the WSX finals in Shanghai ! The men’s competition was very tough and everybody wanted to win. In the qualifications, the suspense was high, as the best time has been beaten several times, and finally, Anthony Avella (Fra) did the fastest run in 22,656 sec.In the finals, the first big surprises arrived in the quarter finals ; the first one was from Kevin Quintin (Fra) who lost his balance after a contact on the first obstacle, and then couldn’t come back on his opponents. The second one, from Flavien Du Peloux (Fra) who was first and did a mistake loosing his speed in the hoops. Then Ilya Sukhenko (Rus) finished only 3rd in his quarter final.With all his main rivals out, A.Avella was ensured to come back to France with the WSX 2013 title, and was with no doubt ready on the final’s start line with less pressure. He controlled the race from the beginning to the end, and passed the finish line in front of CJ Wellsmore (Aus), second, and Jim De Paoli (Sui), third. Pierre Lelievre (Fra) took the 4th place.WSX Shanghai women’s race podiumThe women’s competition was spectacular, with a lot of falls during the finals. Mathilde Monneron (Fra) did the fastest time trials in 25,194 sec, more than 1 second in front of her closest opponent. This advantage among the others gave her a good margin and she could secure the final victory, and the 2013 WSX world title.Just behind her, Jessica Billard (Fra) could take advantage of Irina Davydova’s mistakes, and despite being faster on the obstacles, the russian couldn’t catch J.Billard, and saw the 2013 champion of france pass the line on the 2nd place just in front of her.The 4th place has been taken by the chinese Wang Shi Le, the local hero of the & EDITINGAnthony