WSX‘ WSX 2014 Season ‘ World Skate Cross Series Lausanne SWITZERLAND #9 HD
from WSX on 13 May 2015

Harry Perna (Fra) won the 9th step of the World Skate Cross Series in Lausanne (Sui), in front of Anthony Avella (Fra) and Flavien du Peloux (Fra). H.Perna dominated the event from the beginning till the end, as he got the best qualification time and he won all his races until the final, it is his second victory in a WSX event after Lyon 2013, and his first victory in a Main event. A.Pottier (Bel), finished 4th but thanks to his previous results, took the lead of the 2014 WSX Championships in front of A.Avella.Mathilde Monneron (Fra) was the fastest girl in the WSX Lausanne. She got the best time in the time trials, and won all her races to reach the first step of the podium. Aurore Costabile (Fra), couldn’t catch her got the second place in front of Jessica Billard (Fra). Thanks to this victory, M.Monneron (Fra) took the lead of the WSX World Championships, and will be difficult to beat this season, as she already won the 2 first main events this year.”Les Darons” (A.Avella/K.Quintin) won the final of the team cross event against the “Kamikazes” (A.Ali Messaoud/S.Alfano). They are definitely the best team this year as they are still unbeated this season, wining all the races they took part so far.The full results are available BYAnthony Finocchiaro(Additional footage from Mr Taylor Richie)