Brandon DrummondWTF ARE THESE SKATES? Pewdiepie, Mesmer Leaks, Rollerblader Manhandled by Police & more Blader News
from Brandon Drummond on 20 Sep 2022

Some very strange skates catch me eye, 3 new Mesmer skates are spotted in the wild, Pewdiepie does the best Stale grab I’ve ever seen, rollerblader manhandled by police during Royal Convoy and a hole lot more in the mega episode of Blader News.Follow me on Twitch to be a part of the chat in this video 0:00 Opener 720 Mizu by fifek_33 Weird Short Turtle Skates 1:24 Mesmer Dominic Bruce Skates and other samples Boschi Pope Skate Off 7 (BPSO 7) 3:52 Blader NewsUSD Shadow Eugen Enin III Pro Skates New Carbon Rollerblades for Urban/freestyle skating Grey Blank Skate Escend electric BLADES FUNDED–eJsgLI Them x Clarke update Them Socks Them Softgoods https://www.themgoods.comChyna Signature Create Original Frames 3D printed no bearing rolling anti rockers DarkMage Cutts Flat 60 Frame walls Universal memory Buckle by James Drive 10:14 Rollerblader vs Police & Royal convoy 11:41 Pewdiepie Rollerblading Trick! 12:10 Blader News Spetember 2022Roces 1992 ELECTRIC BLUE Roces 1992 SAGE New Famus Wheel Collection for Quads and Inline Borklynzoo RUG and Flame drop Bitter Cold Showdown (BCSD) is back for 1 more event World skate series Loco x CJ Hacks Josiah Blee Spring 15 edit More of my stuffTwitch: Patreon: Exclusive Videos: Instagram: Laced NZ – My Merch: TOP SECRET DISCORD, TikTok, Twitter, Subreddit & more #inlineskate #news