Tom MoyseWTF is… Off-Road Skating
from Tom Moyse on 2 Jul 2023

What is off-road skating and what are SUV skates?Sometimes called Off-road inline skating or all-terrain skating, this style of rollerblading allows the skater to stepping away from the traditional skating environment and hitting more challenging terrains like dirt trails, gravel paths, mountain bike tracks, BMX dirt jumps, grassy fields, and even rocky or sandy places. NEW Merchandise: a member: the Patreon donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a we are going to take a brief look back through the history of inline skating, from the first every inline skate to Rollerblade the brand appearing and what styles came from this.The influence of roller skis, cross country skiing and grass skiing.The first ever off road skate from Rollerblade – The Coyote Skate to Powerslide Nordic line of SUV inline skates which set the standard for today.We are going to look at where you can skate with off road skates and how that opens up a world of opportunity.00:00 What is off-road skating00:30 The history on Inline skates01:13 The first inline skate patent – The Chicago Skate 196001:34 How Rollerblade started – Scott and Brennan Olson02:02 Robert O. Naegele, Jr. – Chairperson of the Minnesota Wild03:02 Roller Skis – Cross Country Skiing – Grass Skiing04:07 First ever off-road inline skate – Rollerblade Coyote and Race Big Cat05:06 Powerslide Nordic line or roller skis and SUV skates – SUV Metropolis05:39 What are off road inline skates for?06:05 What type os off-road skates are there?07:27 Skating the most beautiful place in the world – mountains, deserts, canyons 08:25 Off road skating in London08:53 Dustin Werbeski off road skater09:33 Popularity of all terrain skating 09:56 skating in yellow stone national park USD10:24 First ever pro model off-road skate10:49 The future of off-road inline skatingFair Use Fabri – Powerslide SUV Renegade 125Powerslide Next Renegade Werbeski Pro 125 SUV SkateBeyond the Ordinary – Bjrn Hunger SUV SkatingPowerslide Next Outback 150 – London SUV skatingPowerslide SUV Zoom Renegade 125 – Carlos BernalDustin Werbeski Skating in the mountains | Renegade 125, TRIBjrn Hunger on Powerslide Next Outback 150 – Blade HillSahara on inline skates – SUV desert crossingTomasz Ardziski – Offroad Performance – Powerslide Next Edge 150 coyote 2 CYCLE ON GRASS: Craze of the 1950s: Roller Skiing! | Sporting History Skiing From 1984s Ski Country 1960s Summer Day at The Maxwell Market Chicago Illinois – Vintage Street Scene Footage –’s First Backflip on Grass Skis: Episode 71 – Dustin Werbeski