Tom MoyseWTF Is Wizard Skating
from Tom Moyse on 23 Feb 2022

I investigate what Wizard Skating is. How Wizard rollerblading started, about its creator and how it developed. I also look in the equipment needed for wizard blading, how aggressive rollerblading helped its progress and its influence on agg skating.Grab a Spotty Dog tee from support me to make Rollerblading videos, from Watch Listen Consume: Rollerblading News to Reaction Videos and Hot Takes, any donation would be greatly appreciated. What is Wizard Skating The Creator Leon Basin Shop Task The people want rec skates02:10 Was speed skates the answer?02:27 Seba The importance of wheel size and the spark03:39 Getting it made04:27 2014 the wizard frame is here04:45 Intuition liners What are Wizards for?05:30 Natural rocker?05:55 What is it like to skate?06:21 Aggressive inline influence Early development Progressive Rocker08:09 importance of Wizard language Wizards influence on aggressive rollerblading Describe Wizard skating? Wizard Advanced10:02 Always evolving10:34 Trend forecast10:58 Thank you PATREONsSpotty DogResourcesThe Wizard of Wall Street – Leon Basin: Advanced Frames – Leon Basin: Moves X: Rocker – Leon Basin: Report 001: Report 002: Frame Testing (The Complete Series 2014 – 2015): Sessions – New Park with Leon Basin: Lion X – Wizard Skating Tutorial (How to Wizard Skating): Flow Skate with Leon Basin – KENNY VLOGS EP02: Basin – How to Be Unpopular Podcast#253: Street Podcast Episode 11 with Leon Basin: Rotation: 4 Brass MonkeysVertical Axis