from Jan delbaere on 31 Jan 2019

THIS ONE IS FOR THE HOMIES ! No really, if it wasn’t for the WVY-crew wich is a crew of true OG’s, (they all started rollerblading in the 90’s when it was huge) If it wasn’t for these people.. There would be no scene in West-Flanders at all.. This is a gift from me for all the good times, all the sesions, and the miles they had to spent to take young people like me with them, and experience some true rollerblade vibes. Enjoy lads, may many good years still come ! (hope my english is ok because i celebrated this one with some ganster wine !) Enjoy !

Skaters: Kevin Francq, Brecht Blomme, Bjorn Elias, Pieter Broucke, Djamel Lahmar, Fredje Vanovertveldt, Fre Debie, Jan Delbaere, Mathijs Delbaere, Tom Couvreur, Sander Vantomme, Jeremy Kesler, Jurgen Depoorter

Filmed and edited by Jan Delbaere and Brecht Blomme