Year 25; a quad flick (Harrie Span)

Harrie SpanYear 25; a quad flick
from Harrie Span on 8 Dec 2016

In 1991 I put down my first steps on rollerskates; it changed my life!

25 years later, at the turn of my 30th birthday I set out to make a skate video
My buddy Paul and myself went all over the country and hit 4 great parks in 4 amazing days
After the trip I shot as many extra trips all around Leeuwarden and at Collo in Groningen.
As I had some footage from before I added a sprinkle of older footage to the project as well

Today; a month after my birthday I show it to all the world, I hope you enjoy!


CVLNRST – Taiga Bass
From the Renraku tape Communication Themes volume 5
For download over at:

Lost prophets – We still Kill the old way
From the Album Start Something

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