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ThisissoulYou Design it, We built it – Customize Expertise
from Thisissoul on 7 Feb 2019

I created houndreds of customized skate setups in the past, i now i want to make this process easy for you!

A long long time ago, before we had our store, I was creating allot of these special skates, putting parts together that were not made for each other was my specialty.

I made allot of weird combinations of different boots with different soulplates. Like a Salomon skate with a Razors soul.
Maybe the most extreme was this oldschool Bauer skate with a Rollerblade TRS soulplate,

As a testimony to customizing I had even brought out a tshirt with my favorite tools on it.

After all those hours of work i put in to this, I learned allot about modifying skates. and right now i am taking it to the next step. I am about to make customizing skates easy for you!

One way i have done this, is to create a few special pages on our website.

They are special because no other webshop in the world has anything like it.
Each skate model now has their own page featuring ALL their availabe parts, even if they are from a different manufacturer.
So if you want to customize your USD Aeon skate with a different cuff, then just go to the USD Aeon skateparts section the website.
There you will then find out that seba cuffs for example can also fit this skate! This took allot of research and I will tell more about this in a future video.

The second thing i did to make customizing easy for you, is to make a skate customizer tool!

You can now pick the skate you like, select what parts you dont need, and add the parts in your shopping basket that you want us to put on the skate.
So you design it, we build it!
and if your crazy design idea’s reach beyond what the website offers, then just shoot us a insta dm, whatsapp, private message or an email and we make a plan together.

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