Zeb.CK #GibLife 2015 REMIX (GIB Sweden)

GIB SwedenZeb.CK #GibLife 2015 REMIX
from GIB Sweden on 1 Jan 2016

GibSweden Skateshop rider Zebastian Cassel Karnevik.
Best Of 2015
#GibLife is the best life.

” -A mix of my favourite clips from 2015 traveling with GibSweden doing what I love, shooting blading, life and enjoying the world as my playground. Mostly footage from previously released tour-videos but also some new clips I saved away for this particular project. I want to thank Fredrik Andersson and the GibFam for taking me in and giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity. Bless! ”

Shot by: Fredrik Andersson, Igor Jovanovic, Axel Bihagen, Johannes Karlsson, Linus Hansén Lindberg, Thomas Vega and many others.
Chopped by: Zebastian Cassel Karnevik

Music: The Morlocks – Dirty Red

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