Mountainpark SUV skating in France (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesMountainpark SUV skating in France
from Powerslide Inline skates on 25 Dec 2019

Enjoy Léandre Fabri going all in on a wet & slippery mountainpark. Big dirtpark jumps, flips & stunts on his Powerslide Next Renegade 125 SUV skates. Shot at “LA mountainboard” in Loire-Atlantique, France.

Skater: Léandre Fabri
Skates: Powerslide Next Renegade 125
Track: I am legion – Upper ratio (Sebastien Saint Laurent Mix)

The Powerslide Next Renegade 125 has “off-road” in his DNA. The Powerslide Next Renegade 125 SUV skate with its 3x125mm set up is made for unbeatable fun. Thanks to the patented TRINITY 3-point mounting this inline skate offers great stability, control and power transfer. The light weight and very agile 3x125mm setup is perfectly suited for BMX trails and big air sessions in the dirt park. The strong aluminum extruded and CNC machined frame is very reactive and easy to handle. The Next Renegade comes with a unique MYFIT Recall liner. The inner boot is made of a combination of foams including memory foam to give a very comfortable feeling. The liner covers two sizes and can be heat molded to customize the fit. The Renegade is at home on and off-roads and can be either used for thrilling action skating or an intense full body workout wherever you are in the world.

Mountainpark SUV skating in France on Next Renegade skates – 908236

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