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Southern Section #9 (SOUTHERN LEGACY)

SOUTHERN LEGACYSouthern Section #9
from SOUTHERN LEGACY on 30 Jun 2010

Radius Media Issue 1
Circa 2006

This is such a ridiculous montage. It is just hammer after hammer with skating from many of your favorite southerners. If you for some reason have never seen this section then i suggest you go find your skates before you press play because this shit will make you want to go do something crazy.

This is why we are the SOUTHERN LEGACY. Theres been too much done in the south for us to just sit back and not skate. We have to keep this legacy going that our friends started years ago. They were shredding before we knew what skating was. So to honor the southerners for what they have accomplished, Southern Legacy will be uploading a random section from a southern video once every week or so. Feel free to suggest a video part you would like to see and if it’s possible we will try and post it.

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