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Platform Episode 23 – Tomek Przybylik (wheelsceneblading)

wheelscenebladingPlatform Episode 23 – Tomek Przybylik
from wheelsceneblading on 31 Jan 2021

Tomek Przybylik has been making a name for himself on the competition circuit and in the streets, with podium finishes at both Winterclash and FISE events and a bunch of street sections to his name.

For the latest episode of Platform, he talked about being on the pro team for Gawds, deciding to step down to return to USD Skates, FISE, his experience at Blading Cup, what he is doing to build up his national scene in Poland and more.

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Salomon Skates // Still Killing the Industry? (Keep Rolling)

Keep RollingSalomon Skates // Still Killing the Industry?
from Keep Rolling on 31 Jan 2021

This week I’m talking about Salomon Skates. Ricardo’s Industry Killers video popped up on my home page a couple of weeks back and this inspired me to put pen to paper and make a video of my own. Are these skates still killing the industry in 2021? Let’s take a closer look…LinksRicardo’s Industry Killers video: Blader on IG: out my other Urban Skating videos: Sound: GearMain Camera: Camera : Mic: Mic: AccessoriesLight Weight Tripod: Stick: ND filter: Adaptor Rings: Cage: Bag: GearHelmet: Pads: Guards: Pads: Marketing InfoAll links starting ‘amzn’ will redirect you to Amazon UK, as an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission if you make a qualifying purchase, at no extra cost to you.Skate ShopsUKLocoskates.comAlchemystskate.comEUHedonskate.comStart with Why…Welcome to Keep Rolling, I’m Chris Chadwick and on this channel I’m making videos about aggressive and big wheel inline skating. I’m making product reviews, skate vlogs and discussion of all things blading, so if that sounds like something that interests you be sure to hit subscribe. I’ve been skating for 20 years and started this channel with 3 main aims:1. To keep people enthused and active in skating2. To be a positive and approachable ambassador for our sport3. Make a positive contribution to the digital footprint of inline skating.I love to skate and want to see the industry continue to thrive and grow. I hope my channel can inspire people to pick up skates or feel enthused to get out more often. If you want to learn more about Keep Rolling check out the channel overview video here: Skating is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. I fully recommend the use of full protective gear to reduce the risk of injury. Skate at your own risk. You are responsible for your actions while skating or attempting to implement the guidance in one of my tutorials. Sometimes i choose to skate without protective gear at my own risk.Thanks for watching!

25,000 Subs Special (How To Inline Skate)

How To Inline Skate25,000 Subs Special
from How To Inline Skate on 31 Jan 2021

Thank You! Thank you everyone who supports the channel!It’s been a while since my last upload. That’s true. But it’s not like I quit or anything, I really want to make more videos again.This footage, for example … script is ready, just needs narrating and some editing …By the way, maybe you see I’m wearing new skates? For the last year I’ve been skating with triskate hockey skates. 3×100 is my new favorite setup, the trinity frame is great. There’s a lot to say about these skates, mostly good but also a few bad things.I am a lot more health conscious now. More than I used to be. One year of fatherhood and I feel like I aged ten years. That’s what lack of sleep does to you.Something new I want to try is speed skating, and maybe participate in some inline marathons.My aim is to make a few videos this year. I cannot promise to upload a lot, but I will make a video now and then. Whenever I have time. I’ll do my best!One more thing … you can find a lot of skate channels under How to Inline Skate’s channel tab. Please let me know any missing channels. We are such a great skating community here on youtube and I’d be happy to promote anyone who shares the passion.That’s all for now. Stay tuned, I’m still around, thank you all for your patience and support!

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