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Rodrigo Teixeira presents – TAPES (Razors Skate Co.)

Razors Skate Co.Rodrigo Teixeira presents – TAPES
from Razors Skate Co. on 28 Feb 2017

The latest blading composition from the 20 year old Portugese rider, Rodrigo Braz Teixeira, takes us down the streets of Lisbon as seen through his eyes.

“TAPES was all filmed in between classes by my three beautiful non-blader friends – Maria, Joao and Beatriz – through three different cameras and a bunch of DV tapes. This is what they had to say about it:

João – ‘I never saw a physicist with a level of flow so high. He’s the only one in Portugal with tricks more tight than his trousers.’

Maria – ‘I like to see how he transforms every spot into a blading space, and thanks for those awkward moments like some guy trying to attract you with 10€ while you’re trying to film.’

Beatriz – ‘Filming Rodrigo is the worst. We’re always getting kicked out of places, people frequently yell at us and he makes me catch all that in camera.’

Thank you all and hope you like it” – Rodrigo

How to learn BRAKING on 3 Wheel Skates for KIDS – Powerslide Swell (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesHow to learn BRAKING on 3 Wheel Skates for KIDS – Powerslide Swell
from Powerslide Inline skates on 28 Feb 2017

How to learn BRAKING on 3 Wheel Skates for KIDS – Powerslide Swell

Welcome to a new line of how-to skate tutorials, specially produced for KIDS. Learn the basics of Inline skating on 3 wheel skates for children, starting at a young age, perfectly explained by Asha Kirkby from Skatefresh. Safe skating is really important for kids, so the protection part is always a main part in each episode.
Asha travels extensively offering skate workshops all over the world. Skatefresh Online is one of the first skate schools offering online training in the form of tuition apps, instructional video courses and E-Training manuals.

Have a look and subscribe to her channel at:

TRISKATING – means inline skating on 3 big wheels – is THE new skate trend. Powerslide as trendsetter and pioneer of this new big wave offering a wide range of TRISKATES for all kinds of disciplines – from speedskating to fitness skating, from freeskating to off road skating.
Click here to find out more about the Triskating benefits:

This series of “3 wheel skate tutorials” is split into episodes for absolute skate beginners, intermediate level skaters and advanced level skaters. Asha will demonstrate how to handle your Triskates and will teach you the different stopping techniques to make sure you have great fun with your new Triskates.

Video produced by CMJ Video:


Powerslide – WE LOVE TO SKATE

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