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Introducing Anna Royo to the Rollerblade Team (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeIntroducing Anna Royo to the Rollerblade Team
from Rollerblade on 29 Jun 2022 roots in figure skating, Anna Royo has what it takes to, gracefully and beautifully, showcase the possibilities inline skates possess. As a freeskater, she quickly developed her style and skills. Annas videos featured on her social channels helped her gain many new followers and fans. She is a great talent that adds some new flavor to the Rollerblade team.

Minneapolis Social Skate (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeMinneapolis Social Skate
from Rollerblade on 27 Jun 2022 with Skaters at a Weekly Skate Are you looking to connect with your local skate community? Rollerblade encourages people to get outside and join a weekly skate like we did in Minneapolis – it is the ideal way to wind down and inline skating can bring people together to build a stronger community. Regardless if you are new to skating or an experienced skater, group skates welcome all abilities – push yourself with the group or just take it easy and learn new skills.

Denver Urban Skate Troop (DUST) Social Skate (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeDenver Urban Skate Troop (DUST) Social Skate
from Rollerblade on 27 Jun 2022 A Weekly Skate!Whether new to skating or a long-time skater, finding your skating community helps motivate you and push your skating abilities. The connection that you can get from meeting other skaters crosses all boundaries and regardless of backgrounds, language, or beliefs, you feel a bond with your fellow skaters. Each week, the Denver Urban Skate Troop meets up to skate together and Rollerblade has supported them over the years and recently joined them on a weekly skate. There are similar events in other cities so look for one near you!

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