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Danny’s Point: The RB80 Pro (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeDanny’s Point: The RB80 Pro
from Rollerblade on 11 Jun 2019


Without further ado Danny dives right into the new Rollerblade® RB80 Pro skates.
The new RB80 Pro comes in a popping terracotta red color way on the vented molded shell. It gives optimal lateral support and is super durable. The cuff on the skates combines flex and support at the same time for a responsive and maneuverable ride.
Inside the boot you’ll find a great padded performance liner that, combined with the double buckle closure system makes sure your feet are well locked into place for maximum energy transfer.
The extruded aluminum frame with bold Rollerblade® branding is rigid, stable, and has a lower profile design for a better center of gravity and more speed. The 80mm/85a Supreme wheels with a bullet profile and SG7 bearings complete these stylish skates.
Check out Danny’s Point for his input on the new RB80 Pro skate is and see him flow, jump, and master one of his favorite skates from our new collection.
Want to get a pair now? Visit www.rollerblade.com and navigate to the urban skates category to see if you can purchase the RB80 Pro directly from the site. Otherwise visit your local Rollerblade® dealer.

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Advanced Skating Tips with Kris Fondran and Ben Brillante (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeAdvanced Skating Tips with Kris Fondran and Ben Brillante
from Rollerblade on 6 Jun 2019

In this video Rollerblade® instructor Kris Fondran and freeride athlete Ben Brillante share advice for skaters who have mastered the basics and want to take their skating skills to the next level. Once you have mastered the basics you will find yourself skating in a variety of settings, often with more speed.

Kris and Ben explain what kind of posture works best when skating in surroundings where you need an overview of your environment for a safe and pleasant ride. Different strides and cross-overs add to your maneuverability. Switching from forwards to backwards rolling, but always maintaining focus on where you are heading, adds more fun and gives you more confidence on your skates.

Watch the video to enhance your your technique. Strap on your skates and move freely!

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The Macroblade Family: Episode 2 – The Casual Ride (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeThe Macroblade Family: Episode 2 – The Casual Ride
from Rollerblade on 17 May 2019


The Macroblade family of skates, from the X-Fit line, meets the needs of all skaters. From casual skating to cross training, a great experience awaits. The Macroblade family offers a variety of cuff heights, wheel sizes, and other features so that the right skate for any ability is available.

In this second episode of “The Macroblade Family” we follow Raquel and Juanan on the streets in Spain. For their casual ride together on the beach they selected the Macroblade 90 skates. With the vibrant colors and amazing comfort this skate matches their fitness and skate style. Check out the video now.

Visit www.rollerblade.com and check out the full Macroblade family of skates.

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Skate to Ski Program / Doug Lewis (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeSkate to Ski Program / Doug Lewis
from Rollerblade on 15 May 2019


Inline skating has been a great way to cross-train for skiing for years. Many of us here at Rollerblade are also lifelong skiers. We challenged ourselves to take what has always been an informal way for us to maintain ski-ready fitness, and transform it into a training program that truly mirrors the movements and skills used in skiing.

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Mega Patin Day! (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeMega Patin Day!
from Rollerblade on 13 May 2019

This April 14th took place in Lima Peru the second edition of the ´´Mega Patin Day´´ 500 skaters got together on this event for 3 hours of fun, sharing and skating. At the end of the event skaters were able to participate in a giveaway of many great Rollerblade products with the main price being a Rollerblade Twister Edge 80! Already looking forward to next year’s Mega Patin Day!

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