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DISCIPLINES: Sven Boekhorst (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeDISCIPLINES: Sven Boekhorst
from Rollerblade on 26 Nov 2019

Rolling with Sven Boekhorst

What does a day look like for a professional skater who has been in the game since the early nineties? Join us as we roll out with Rollerblade® pro rider Sven Boekhorst. He has been skating for the majority of his life. Both his passion for the sport and his drive to progress it continue to grow and inspire others. He travels the world meeting, new people and skating new spots where showcases his talents and the Rollerblade® brand.

Video by: Niels Groenendijk

His skating has evolved over the years. Originally he flowed transitions and cruised the streets. He now knows how to push himself at a marathon race and takes his wheels downtown for an urban freeride.

In “DISCIPLINES” we find Sven cruising around on a sunny day in the Netherlands. Getting up early in the morning to get things started. Sessioning spots from his bucket-list. Meeting up with friends at a new curb spot. And finally cruising though downtown Eindhoven at night before he hits the hay. Sven continues to inspire others to move freely and enjoy the skate life.

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SkatetoSki (Rollerblade)

from Rollerblade on 12 Nov 2019

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Rollerblade® Speed Team at the Paris Marathon 2019 (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeRollerblade® Speed Team at the Paris Marathon 2019
from Rollerblade on 21 Oct 2019

The date is September 22, 2019. We are skating on the Champ de Mars, just behind the Eiffel Tower, before the big race. Mars translates to March in English ; in Paris the month of March is often filled with rainy days. Mars was the god of war in ancient Rome. And like this Roman god, the athletes in the 3rd Paris Roller Marathon will have to battle it out for the finish. A rainy day battle in the form of a skate race around the Eiffel Tower.

After 1 hour and 10 minutes of hard fight, Doucelin takes the gold under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. On the Champ de Mars after a long fight in the rain, the Rollerblade® Speed Team athlete wins the battle.

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The Zetrablade: Support and Comfort (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeThe Zetrablade: Support and Comfort
from Rollerblade on 9 Oct 2019


The new Rollerblade® Zetrablade from our recreational line helps create a positive experience on inline skates. This lends to quicker more comfortable learning curve. The skate is an ideal mix of quality wheels and bearings for consistent speed and response. If you are looking for an entry level skate at an affordable price, the Zetrablade is our recommendation.

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In Motion: SF (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeIn Motion: SF
from Rollerblade on 3 Oct 2019


The “In Motion” crew meets up once again, this time in the city of San Francisco. Here they link up with Rollerblade® pro rider, and SF local, Cameron Talbott. Cameron fills the role as the ultimate tour guide, and the boys get taken to everything from classic skate spots to abandoned coastal highway hill bombs. Watch as they move freely past the colorful row houses, feel the breeze of the ocean, and take a moment to appreciate the insane backdrops at every
location. The phrase “California Dreaming” starts to take on a whole new meaning. Or maybe …”the phrase “California Dreaming” really starts to make sense.

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