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Multidimensional Rollerblader Of Toronto (PintoPonyProductions)

PintoPonyProductionsMultidimensional Rollerblader Of Toronto
from PintoPonyProductions on 31 Mar 2017

Inline Skating stairs, and multi level landings are the ultimate city skating toys. I (Bill Stoppard) take you on a ‘sequence skate’ at Toronto’s SkyDome (rogers centre). PPP Inline Skate shirt @

The best inline skater will pad it out when in doubt; I wore shin pads in this session.
Shin Pads

Powerslide Kronos Reign 3 wheeled hockey skate from

DJ Q1 2k17 (Dustin Jamieson)

Dustin JamiesonDJ Q1 2k17
from Dustin Jamieson on 31 Mar 2017

Life has been pretty hectic lately, but I’ve still found some time to get out on the blades. Most park sessions after work, but I’ll take what I can get. Here is a little part made up of Cellular Telephone clips, filmed in various resolutions, made into a square video. Shouts to everyone who filmed me do dumb tricks on wheel shoes. Y’all are the best.

Peep @dadshred666 on insta for more regular wheely boots manuevers.

How to JUMP with Skates – 10 Tips (How To Inline Skate)

How To Inline SkateHow to JUMP with Skates – 10 Tips
from How To Inline Skate on 31 Mar 2017

Here are 10 tips for you


Jump with both legs at the same time, side by side, parallel.


It’s tempting to leap forward as that’s your natural instinct.

However, with skates this is a bad idea.

Just jump straight up instead.

It’s the speed at which you approach the jump that brings you forward.


Stretch your arms as far back as feels natural.

But as you swing your arms, try not get your hands higher than your eyeline.

Keep your arms in front, almost as a downhill skier.


Stack some soda cans and place a yard stick on top.

I use empty cans, as unopened cans tend to explode on impact …

Just fill the empty cans with something, else they may be taken by the wind.


Once you’re a bit more comfortable try to find some natural obstacles.

In everyday skating I do jump curbs, water puddles and potholes all the time.

This is great practice …


Well, as you see, jumping comes with some risks.

This is not the first time I fall and it won’t be the last.

But with gloves to protect my hands and knee pads, no problem.

Elbow pads or long sleeves and padded underwear for hip protection are good to wear as well.


I only jump after I’m fully warmed up.

At least for bigger jumps that’s very important.

Also, if you are not used to jumping at all I strongly recommend you take it easy the first few sessions.

Else you can expect stiff muscles for a week afterward.


Today I’m jumping with urban skates.

But I used to jump with fitness skates.

Both types can be used for sure, but the urban skates definitvely are better.

They have much more rubber on the wheels, which absorb shock.

They even feature a dedicated shock absorber in the heels, and I really do notice it helps.


But the landing itself is the most important.

Try to make it as soft as you can.


Try to grab your feet in air. It may look cool, maybe, I don’t know, but it does practice your balance.

Another trick is to put your skates sideways to jump over even higher obstacles.

Maybe I could have jumped over seven cans here? I’ll try that next time.

But, put down your skates quicker than me … unless you want to land on one leg …


When my aim is to jump high I never have a problem with balance.

Even if technically I don’t do it that well, and I flap my arms, I mean wings, like a seagull,

the high jumps are okay and I never get off balance.

However, with long jumps I still struggle sometimes.

Especially when I am concerned that I won’t jump far enough, the instinct of leaping

forward kicks in. This puts me off balance, which in turn triggers this windmilling thing

where the arms go way too hig over my head and then backward.

It’s not a nice feeling at all, and a few times I’ve got so off balance I’ve fallen.

The higher the speed the more likely I’m to get off balance, so I really recommend

you wear kneepads and gloves or wristguards. Long sleeves or elbow pads

are good as well, and I do also wear padded underwear to protect my hips.

It’s good to practice jumping over grass. If your timing is off or

you jump too short, so your skate land on grass, you’ll naturally start to run but not fall – hopefully.

Some reasurring words at last. Jumping is really a lot of fun when you get the balance right.

Just practice on a safe place wearing protection and I promise you’ll get there very soon.

Oh btw, today I’m on a new pair of skates. It got smaller wheels and a harder boot than I’m used too.

The speed isn’t as high as with my old big wheel long frame skates but the control definitively is better.

Stay tuned for an upcoming review of these skates.

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