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Rods – 56mm/92a (Mushroom Blading)

Mushroom BladingRods – 56mm/92a
from Mushroom Blading on 4 Sep 2023

The 56/92 Rods are THE most core wheel in our line. Inspired by the first generation Kryptonics and Senate wheels designed for “aggressive inline skating” in the 90s. The low-riding Rods are meant for real street skating* and real street tricks. With their wide profile and harder urethane Rods can be used anti or flat on a variety of street skating frames for grinding, wheel sliding, toe/heel rolling, pivoting, swivelling and jumping. Extra core points will be rewarded if you don’t smile while skating these wheels.*If you’re over 35 and live in a town with really shitty pavement, “real street skating” likely means park skating.

Toes (Mushroom Blading)

Mushroom BladingToes
from Mushroom Blading on 8 Jul 2023

The MB Toes have become the standard wheel in our toolkit for anti rocker outers, flat 60 for park riding and inner wheels for Oysi frames. A versatile size and profile; can also be mixed with the 58/90 Buddies for a “Wacky Mode” inspired rocker. A 60/90 hardness will please many styles and (core and not core) riders. This size and hardness have become widely used over the decade, but beware, 60mm wheels are considered “big wheels” to some core riders. You might want to use smaller wheels if you’re looking to gain more core points. Also, if you’re going to skate flat 60, you better be dialled in.

Doses (Mushroom Blading)

Mushroom BladingDoses
from Mushroom Blading on 15 Jun 2023

The MB Doses are a therapeutic human movement tool that leads you to a deep meditative state. These wheels are inspired by Slomo’s pursuit of what he calls “The Zone,” a state of pure flow in which one is completely present. Dosing 110mm wheels a few times a week has been known to increase appreciation for being alive, decrease the ego’s need to perform tricks, and greatly improve skating sensations. Meant for use on 3-wheel setups or the heavily underrated Wizard NR110 frames. Skating 110mm wheels may allow you to overcome the confines of your own self-consciousness and tap into becoming happy. Truly happy. Dosing too often may lead to time and objectivity becoming fluid, amorphous constructs.

Faces (Mushroom Blading)

Mushroom BladingFaces
from Mushroom Blading on 16 Apr 2023

The MB Faces feature the most classic wheel size in rollerblading history, 72mm, which was popularized in the late 80s and early 90s by the legendary do it all Lightning TRS Skate. 72mm wheels have always inspired people to skate however they want while transcending stupid marketing categories and angry youth cults. This size became part of the MB toolkit when the groundbreaking Classic Oysi Frames were released in 2016. Now a size that inspires us to skate (however we goddamn want to) on the Lightning TRS, Roces 1992 and Aeon 72 (they also work great on the Wizard PR76). Faces come in the same trustworthy 87a urethane that made the MB Scribbles playful and comfy.

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