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Jumpers – 58mm/87a (Mushroom Blading)

Mushroom BladingJumpers – 58mm/87a
from Mushroom Blading on 5 May 2024

The 58/87 Jumpers are meant for one of the most fun things you can do on rollerblades: jumping around and enjoying movement in the air (and on the ground too). The antithesis to harder, smaller wheels that sometimes can rattle your bones and make your aging knees hurt. Jumpers come in an extremely pleasant 87a hardness meant for comfortable, fast, and fun park riding on flat setups. The rounded but stable profile will have you stomping airs like you’re an ASA pro from the 90s, and your friends will be jealous of your steez. WARNING: You might enjoy softer, smaller wheels so much that you might not go back to harder wheels. * Not recommended for anti-rocker, but you will be COMFORTABLE if you try.

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