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Mugs – 100mm/87a (Mushroom Blading)

Mushroom BladingMugs – 100mm/87a
from Mushroom Blading on 6 Nov 2023

The 100/87 Mugs are meant to be fast, capable and stable while still dropping some hot moves. Originally thought to be a size for speed or distance skaters. The creation of the NR100 Wizard Frame by Leon Basin in late 2014 (once again) changed what big wheel skating could be. Used heavily in the Wizard Frame Testing series, ZONE, MB7 and MB8. These wheels are a powerful tool in a comfortable 87a hardness for city exploring, flat ground skating, park skating and lengthy slides. This size was the first MB pro product and the first pro 100mm wheel in rollerblading history. 100mm wheels are absolutely not core and not certified by the Real Skaters Association of the World. We wont be mad if you skate these on tri skates, but just dont start yelling, death to the 4th wheel.

Hosers – 76mm/87a (Mushroom Blading)

Mushroom BladingHosers – 76mm/87a
from Mushroom Blading on 22 Oct 2023

The 76/87 MB Hosers are the underdog of the big wheel sizes. Fast and smooth like the 80mm Scribbles with the lower ride feeling of the 72mm Faces. Hosers invite you to grab a giant coffee and “just give’r” on your skates, with or without a hockey stick. Great for skating however you want – on flat ground, park, weird street and the outdoor roller hockey rink. Recommended for use on the PR76 Wizard Frames, Marsblades, Roces 1992, Aeon 80s and countless other frames and skates that take 80mm wheels. Be a goon towards your skating terrain, embrace your inner Canadian and breakaway from your grinding obsession on this trusty 87a urethane.

Rods – 56mm/92a (Mushroom Blading)

Mushroom BladingRods – 56mm/92a
from Mushroom Blading on 4 Sep 2023

The 56/92 Rods are THE most core wheel in our line. Inspired by the first generation Kryptonics and Senate wheels designed for “aggressive inline skating” in the 90s. The low-riding Rods are meant for real street skating* and real street tricks. With their wide profile and harder urethane Rods can be used anti or flat on a variety of street skating frames for grinding, wheel sliding, toe/heel rolling, pivoting, swivelling and jumping. Extra core points will be rewarded if you don’t smile while skating these wheels.*If you’re over 35 and live in a town with really shitty pavement, “real street skating” likely means park skating.

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