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Park Clips – Rhys Bell (Rhys Bell)

Rhys BellPark Clips – Rhys Bell
from Rhys Bell on 31 Oct 2013

Street edit coming soon

A few park clips filmed around Canberra, Australia.

Song – Lost, Daily Meds

Filmed by
Damiano Luizzi
Matt Dudley
Joel Coates
Trisitan Richards
Rhys Bell

Edit by Rhys Bell

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Ain’t Right – Stefan Brandow

Stefan BrandowAin’t Right – Stefan Brandow
from Stefan Brandow on 31 Oct 2013

Filmed in 2 weeks by Cody Reffner

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Main camera: Cody Reffner
Song: Young Prisms – “Dead Flowers”

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The Orchard Blade Flick – Teaser

kris troyerThe Orchard Blade Flick – Teaser
from kris troyer on 31 Oct 2013

The Fucking Short Version.
December Fucking 1st.

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Ain’t Right – Shane Conn

Stefan BrandowAin’t Right – Shane Conn
from Stefan Brandow on 31 Oct 2013

Shane told us he hated all of these clips. We told him we was ridiculous and decided to edit them to a song he told us he liked one time.

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Main cameras: Stefan Brandow & Cody Reffner
Song: Captain Murphy – “Mighty Morphin Foreskin”

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southernscum-Andrew Broom (Austin Bartels)

Austin Bartelssouthernscum-Andrew Broom
from Austin Bartels on 31 Oct 2013

This is a little something made by myself and my good friend Andrew Broom. I recently moved to Austin, TX and we put this together within the past 2 months that I have been living here. Thanks to southernscum for letting me help promote them and what they do. enjoy everybody…

support the supporters!

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