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Boschi Pope Skate Off 2021, Rollerblade Times Square Ad, Glow in the Dark Wheels & More Blader News (Brandon Drummond)

Brandon DrummondBoschi Pope Skate Off 2021, Rollerblade Times Square Ad, Glow in the Dark Wheels & More Blader News
from Brandon Drummond on 31 Aug 2021

Glow in the dark wheels! Yandriel Silverio wins BPSO 2021! Rollerblade brand has an ad in Times Square & much more Blader News. Your FREE recap of everything happening in the rollerblading industry brought to you by Skidz Grind Plates: 0:00 OPENER 0:48 INDUSTRY NEWSBoschi Pope Skate Off 2021 Results 1st Yandriel Silverio2nd Demetrios George 3rd Zack Savage Rollerblade Times Square Ad Them Skates most recent billboard PRODUCT NEWSSean Keane Pro Blank Skates by rollerblade! Boschi Pope Skates??? Faction Skate Company Stride Equilibrium Frames Justin Thursdays Mega Freestyle Frames Dead Shock absorbing heel pads Dark Mage Custom 45degree Straps Red eye wheel restock Gawds Pro wheels in the dark wheels / MYKE GREGORY Signature wheel Bacemint DUNCE Drop! Laced Waxed Laces 7:40 MEDIA Dunce by Bacemint Aggressive Skating’s MOST STYLISH TRICKS + Hacks to Make them Easier! ENTER THE BODEGA Blader News Submissions: OUTRO Support the channel by…Subscribing to my YouTube Channel my “How to Rollerblade Series” at Laced NZ (My merch) a YouTube Member, getting access to perks follow me on all other social media linked below Music by…Karson

I Might Have Shocked Them (Bill Stoppard Skating BSS)

Bill Stoppard Skating BSSI Might Have Shocked Them
from Bill Stoppard Skating BSS on 31 Aug 2021

Bill Stoppard on a deep city Assault Skate. Bill Stoppard designed ‘Stay Low’ skate t-shirt from Inline Skates are Adapt GTB, Bill Stoppard Signature Skates, from ProSkaters Place

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