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My Movie (Florian Lebon)

Florian LebonMy Movie
from Florian Lebon on 31 Jul 2017

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bl8 round 3 week ? (Grant H)

Grant Hbl8 round 3 week ?
from Grant H on 31 Jul 2017

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Derek Gadelha na Grande Floripa (Go Roller Skate Shop)

Go Roller Skate ShopDerek Gadelha na Grande Floripa
from Go Roller Skate Shop on 31 Jul 2017

Derek Gadelha​ vem se destacando cada vez mais no Patins Street!
Aqui sua sessão durante a visita à grande Florianópolis onde garantiu o 3º lugar na etapa do Patins Street Brasil​ e ainda aproveitou pra curtir um Rolê com a Família #GoRoller!!!

Volte Sempre meu caro… E mantenha sempre esse Flow máximo!

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Alex Broskow – Create Originals (Vibralux Denim)

Vibralux DenimAlex Broskow – Create Originals
from Vibralux Denim on 31 Jul 2017

Alex skating the suspension frames from Create Originals with Mike Lilly and KC Roche on Sunday the 30th.

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Powerslide INFUSION TRINITY Racing inline skate – 904468 (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesPowerslide INFUSION TRINITY Racing inline skate – 904468
from Powerslide Inline skates on 31 Jul 2017

Powerslide presents the Infusion Trinity racing inline skate, featuring Powerslide Matter Racing team member Livio Wenger taking his Infusion Triskate for a quick test ride next to Arena Geisingen.

Carbon composite Trinity shell.
The shell of the Infusion skates is made using compression molding technology. It is made out of a mix of Carbon Fiber & Glas Fiber. The shell is designed to be stiff and supportive for maximum power transfer and performance.

Trinity mounting – the next level:
Powerslide´s Trinity mounting system is the new inline skating standard. It is lower to the ground, increasing stability at higher speeds. Thanks to the 3 contact points, Trinity enables a more effective power transfer & decreases vibration when skating on rougher surfaces. Find out more about Trinity Mounting:

Triskate setup – be free with three:
Triskates are the most major revolution for inline skating in a decade. 3 wheel skates are faster rolling because of an increase in wheel size, but with a wheel under the middle of the foot it also enhances control. More Triskating benefits at:

Powerknit upper – high performance textile:
The Powerknit upper is ultra light and breathable. It is designed to wrap around the foot very tightly and securely. It is perfect for people with narrow feet, as it adapts to the shape of the foot.

Trinity XXX frame – unmatched performance:
The Powerslide XXX 12,8” frame is the frame of choice for our Racing team and many other champions around the world. It is very rigid in the toe to maximize power transfer. Strategically placed reinforcement bars enhance the stiffness even further. More about the Trinity XXX frame at:×125-racing-frame/

Infinity wheels – 125mm 85a:
Powerslide’s Infinity 125mm 85A wheels are exceptionally high performance wheels, perfectly designed for road skating and marathon events. Our Race Performance (RP) PU is fast and long lasting with very low rolling resistance. More about Powerslide´s race wheels at:

ABEC 9 Freespin Wicked bearings:
Once again, we have teamed up with our hardware partner, WICKED. The ABEC 9 freespin bearings come with 7 chrome steel balls. These bearings are fast, durable and offer a low rolling resistance for fast rolling wheels! More about Wicked at:

The Powerslide Infusion skate is out now worldwide!

Find out more about all of Powerslide´s racing inline skates at
German Autobahn style, we at Powerslide Race love skating as fast as possible. Therefor, we develop the best speed inline skating hardware available: heat moldable carbon boots, specialized women, men and kids racing products, comfy PainFree shell designs, stiff triple x-truded Triskate frames, next level Trinity Mounting features, record breaking 125mm wheels to uber-precise Wicked bearings. Our new collection is our best ever, packed with innovation, development and passion.

Powerslide INFUSION TRINITY Racing inline skate – 904468
Skater: Livio Wenger
Location: Arena Geisingen
Video: Mark Heuss

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Powerslide Inline Skates

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