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Scribe Industries – Tim Franken Pro Wheel Profile V1

Scribe IndustriesScribe Industries – Tim Franken Pro Wheel Profile V1
from Scribe Industries on 31 May 2014

Tim Franken is a beast, plain and simple. Where ever Tim lurks, people follow, and where ever Tim blades, people progress. He has become a new staple out in California, and a sheer force to reckon with in any contest or competition. When Tim was introduced on Scribe in 2010-2011, I immediately knew he would one day be rocking his own pro wheel and being added to the list of professional rollerbladers deserving enough for a signature product.

Please support Tim Franken and Scribe Industries by purchasing his v1 pro wheel at any rollerblade shop locations or visit to purchase!

Filming by: Sam DeAngelis & Daniel Fabiano
Editing by: Pigeoto Films


Exhibición dia del patín sevilla 2014 (PatinAventura Tienda)

PatinAventura TiendaExhibición dia del patín sevilla 2014
from PatinAventura Tienda on 31 May 2014

Les presentamos el video oficial de la exhibición de patinaje del día del patín de Sevilla 2014, de la mano de PatinAventura y todos sus colaboradores, contando tanto con los amigos que estuvieron con nosotros ese día, como con los más pequeñines que nos acompañaron con la ilusión que les caracteriza, esperamos que os guste.

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