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Revolution90seconds-jeremyspira (Jeremy Spira)

Jeremy SpiraRevolution90seconds-jeremyspira
from Jeremy Spira on 31 Jan 2017

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Como Fazer um Faik Mist Flip (Caio Radical)

Caio RadicalComo Fazer um Faik Mist Flip
from Caio Radical on 31 Jan 2017

Fala galera beleza ? ai esta um tutorial de manobra espero que gostem que esse tutorial ajude a todos voces e qual sab logo mais tem mais . falow valew é nois

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The Return: Boschi Pope (

The Return: Boschi Pope
from on 31 Jan 2017

Boschi Pope releases his first edit since his return. Filmed / Edited by Terrence Henry.

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Breakdown – Mobiliar “Let’s Fail Dance” Onlinekampagne – (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio AntonelliBreakdown – Mobiliar “Let’s Fail Dance” Onlinekampagne –
from Claudio Antonelli on 31 Jan 2017

That one was fun. I had to find a way to prepare a set of passes to be used for an online facereplacement.
People should be able to upload a picture of a face and that will be 3D mapped on the face of the Talent in the clip.
I did try a classic approach with 3D tracking the head and using the UVcoordinates to displace a target image.
And the Artists at and STINK did the implementation and the distortion of the uploaded images.

give it a try here:


Plates by

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Martin Bommeli – An Aggressive Inline Compilation – Support The Community 2017 #04 (SkaMiDan [Main] – Inline and Aggressive Inline)

SkaMiDan [Main] - Inline and Aggressive InlineMartin Bommeli – An Aggressive Inline Compilation – Support The Community 2017 #04
from SkaMiDan [Main] – Inline and Aggressive Inline on 31 Jan 2017

▬▬▬ Martin Bommeli▬▬
Dieses Video zeigt eine Reihe an Clips mit Bommeli. Angefangen im Jahr 2001 in der Fägt-Ory Dürnten ZH (Schweiz), wo er dann von 2005-2007 auch Unterricht gegeben hat. Trotz wiederholenden Unterbrüchen hat er immer wieder zum Inline-Skaten zurückgefunden. Seit 2016 unterrichtet er wieder ( und fördert die Community.

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