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skating in new Jersey competition – 2 tricks – Ivan Higgins (ZERO SPIN)

ZERO SPINskating in new Jersey competition – 2 tricks – Ivan Higgins
from ZERO SPIN on 31 Mar 2020


INSTAGRAM – ivan__higgins

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THROWBACKS + LEFTOVER #3 Charleroi Skatepark (Unlabelled Media)

Unlabelled MediaTHROWBACKS + LEFTOVER #3 Charleroi Skatepark
from Unlabelled Media on 31 Mar 2020

Raw clips of a session at the Charleroi Skatepark Opening featuring Adrian Pichon, Gaets Krop and Paquito Bartiaux

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Rollerblade® Macroblade 80mm ABT (Rollerblade)

RollerbladeRollerblade® Macroblade 80mm ABT
from Rollerblade on 31 Mar 2020

The Rollerblade® Macroblade 80 and Macroblade 80 W skates feature the ABT brake system, which is the easiest and most reliable brake technology on the market. ABT is cuff activated, allowing the skater to simply slide their braking foot forward, keeping all wheels on the ground. Leaving the wheels on the ground adds stability and increases balance during the braking process. ABT is designed for effortless braking and more stability during a stop. The breathable mes hand premium fit make this entry-level skate a great first skate to get into inline skating. Rollerblade® Macroblade 80mm ABT skate simplifies braking and makes skating more fun.

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