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Jurassic Red Savosin (

Jurassic Red Savosin
from on 30 Jun 2021

The latest Roces pro skate goes to Russian rider Ilia Savosin and interestingly it’s a pro X35 boot. We would have expected the up and coming skater to get an aggressive boot, but judging by this footage he can skate anything and everything…and he does! Grindin through fire, parkour hand flips, gaps, heel rolls and […]

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Williams Cerlo 40yo (Hadrien Bastouil)

Hadrien BastouilWilliams Cerlo 40yo
from Hadrien Bastouil on 30 Jun 2021

Williams really just loves to skate!
Since I first saw him shredding the ESA street comp in Montpellier back in 2005 until this day I’ve always been amazed by the passion burning in this man. Since then I have been lucky enough to become his friend and been able to capture many of his tricks and manoeuvres. For his 40th birthday, he got brand new skates and a surprise compilation of clips from the last year and a half (2020-2021) which were for the most stolen footages of random sessions filmed by friends and on different devices. In order to cheer him into a next decade the mix contains his favourite pumped up tune which title is quite relevant and a track nodding to everyones different and fragile opinions; so why so serious? As a loving husband, father and hard working man there is still no spot that can contain him once he strapped his blades and I hope you will enjoy this bday gift as a celebration of a skating lifestyle.
And yes, you read it right, Williams Cerlo is 40 yo!

– Bladong Special –

� Main Camera & edit:
Hadrien Bastouil
Charly Gringos
Joel Barthes
Bob Lemarrant

� Music
Vitalic – Stamina
Jean Grae – Hater’s Anthem

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Day2002 Jun30 2021 (Kazu)

KazuDay2002 Jun30 2021
from Kazu on 30 Jun 2021

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Day2001 June29 2021 (Kazu)

KazuDay2001 June29 2021
from Kazu on 29 Jun 2021

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Platform Episode 38 – Freddy White (

Platform Episode 38 – Freddy White
from on 28 Jun 2021

Sometimes, a bald Scotsman feels the need to interview an equally bald Frenchman. Freddy White has worked tirelessly to provide blading content over the years, with Frenchie Fries, Be-Mag, FISE, Cayenne Project and more, so it seemed only right to sit him down and ask about it all. I managed to make not one but […]

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