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Longview Dad Sesh – Vlog – 02/10/18 (Dustin Jamieson)

Dustin JamiesonLongview Dad Sesh – Vlog – 02/10/18
from Dustin Jamieson on 18 Feb 2018

Attempted the trick requests, but wasn’t even getting close. Next time I can get a sitter I’ll give them a real shot, at a park with round coping lol. Dad sesh with my brother, better than no sesh.

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Every. Single. Friday. (Dustin Jamieson)

Dustin JamiesonEvery. Single. Friday.
from Dustin Jamieson on 18 Feb 2018

New Vlog up tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a couple Woodland deals again. This park is super convenient for my commute, and it’s usually empty. But because of that, I’m really running out of ideas. Surprisingly I’ve never done that ledge transfer before… Gonna have to get hurt trying some harder deals on it.

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Blades, Beers, & Premeires #1 – Vlog – 02/03/18 (Dustin Jamieson)

Dustin JamiesonBlades, Beers, & Premeires #1 – Vlog – 02/03/18
from Dustin Jamieson on 12 Feb 2018

Travis with Blader Union (@bladerunion) had the first event of the “Blades, Beers, & Premieres” at his place. Practice rails were shredded, beers were chugged, and the Adapt team video was watched. Looking forward to more of these!

You can purchase the Adapt Video at https://sellfy.com/p/NsUf. I highly recommend it!

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360 Double Negative? (Dustin Jamieson)

Dustin Jamieson360 Double Negative?
from Dustin Jamieson on 10 Feb 2018

Had a really good session today on my lunch break with some of the Portland homies. Still had the juice flowing after work so I stopped by Rolling Freedom Skatepark.

New Vlog up Sunday! #ripvalo

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Garge Sesh with Darby – VLOG 01/31/18 (Dustin Jamieson)

Dustin JamiesonGarge Sesh with Darby – VLOG 01/31/18
from Dustin Jamieson on 2 Feb 2018

Adult inline skating with Longview legend Brandon Darby. I wouldn’t know a soul grind from a frontside if it wasn’t for this dude. Always a pleasure to skate and learn from the master.

I haven’t forgot about trick requests! Planning on doing those next week, just need a dry day at a park with longer ledges to handle the 3 trick switch ups. If you’ve got a trick request, submit it now!

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