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“At the Park with Brandon Darby” – RARE VHS (Dustin Jamieson)

Dustin Jamieson“At the Park with Brandon Darby” – RARE VHS
from Dustin Jamieson on 4 Feb 2023

Please enjoy this rare segment, “At the Park with Brandon Darby”. We set out to make a section of Brandon in early 2022. While life may have gotten in the way towards the end of the year, I’m really happy we stuck with it. Making parts when you are pushing 40 requires a level of dedication that sometimes feels comical. Scheduling inline skate sessions around home improvement projects and other life events. Get it in where you can.

Hot Vax Summer – Dustin J – DWI (Dustin Jamieson)

Dustin JamiesonHot Vax Summer – Dustin J – DWI
from Dustin Jamieson on 1 Sep 2021

What started out as “Hot Vax Summer” came quickly crashing to an end with this Delta shit. I want to thank Deal With It for giving me wheels these last few years, and Xmas for always being down to point the cam at me. I didn’t quite get what I set out for, but trying my best to live in my thirties in a pandemic.

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