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Andrew Broom Pro Razors Skate, Bacemint x THEM 909 Pics, Julien Cudot Wins FISE Rollerblading NEWS (Tom Moyse)

Tom MoyseAndrew Broom Pro Razors Skate, Bacemint x THEM 909 Pics, Julien Cudot Wins FISE Rollerblading NEWS
from Tom Moyse on 5 Jun 2023

Andrew Broom has finally received his pro rollerblade skate from Razors. Rollerblading has a tendency to drag its feet when handing out pro skates, if they ever get handed out, so the community was buzzing when Broom got his skate.NEW Merchandise: a member: the Patreon donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a has been lots of other rollerblading news, Alex Burston has called out Razors. Who do you think should get the next pro skate from them? Him , Jake Dotson or Sneaky?There has been more Them Skates x Bacemint 909 leaks. This time there was a pretty clear shot of the skate. I you excited about this skate?Julien Cudot has won both the FISE and NL contest 2023. He is have a great year for winsTakeshi Yasutoko continues to add to his rollerblading legacy as wellIs FAST FORWARD by Lazo the greatest quad video ever?00:00 Andrew Broom Pro Razors Skate01:10 Alex Burston calls out Razors01:44 Razors SL Leak – Derek Henderson Quits02:23 Who will get the next pro skate from Razors03:12 Loco skates recreating famous skate spots03:38 Fise 2023 rollerblading results – Julien Cudot , 04:49 Victor Daum win ESA05:36 Julien Cudot new sponsor – Why doesnt he have a skate sponsor?06:19 Faction limited edition white tactical V1 with the new streamline stealth soul plates 06:45 New teams riders on Faction and Mesmer and Fabiola da Silva on USD07:39 10 years of dead Wheels Alex Broskow and crew celebrate 08:08 Them Skates x Basement 909 pictured09:16 Ilia Savosin training course – Nils Jansons exercises10:19 Kizer antirocker sliders – Mindgame Higgs Boson11:12 Cymatics Wheels – Josh GLowicki12:21 Robbie Pitt new pro Fram with Oysius – Eugen Enin undercover wheel edit 13:25 Junkyu Park Edit13:40 Blank by Rollerblade video14:01 Cameron Talbott Bunkers14:46 Joe Atkinson x Eco good rollerblading clothes and edit15:28 Nicola Torelli undercover wheel edit and new wizard skating frames15:59 Create Original coffee line frames16:21 Nathan Bentley Special case inline skating edit17:04 FAST FORWARD presented by Lazo the greatest rollerskating video ever FAST FORWARD presented by Lazo Torelli – Movie Line Pro Wheel – UC WheelsEugen Enin – Movie Line Pro Wheel – UC Wheels – DEADXBACEMINTGINGER – DEADXTOOEASYSAKURA – DEADXSENARAMPChampagne – Robbie Pitts [ ROLLERBLADING FILM 2022 ]KEYBOARD SKATES | BLADING | KEYBOARD SLIDE | BRAILLE SKATEBOARDING – San Francisco – Cameron Talbott x EDO 2023 Case

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