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#AudioOn | How One Trick Can Help Cope With Grief and Loss (Brett Dasovic)

Brett Dasovic#AudioOn | How One Trick Can Help Cope With Grief and Loss
from Brett Dasovic on 29 Feb 2020

a year to day in which I lost my mother, I set a single goal of one single skating trick as a way to cope with the lack of control that comes when we are reminded about something such as the loss of a loved one on an anniversary. the fall I took speaks to the amazing amount of commitment we as rollerblades feel towards what we do and how even during the most painful moments we feel and grow through the ups and downs of skating.

I love you mom and I miss you dearly❤❤
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DELFON DIO | RAW FILES (Cayenne Project)

from Cayenne Project on 29 Feb 2020

We love watching raw clips. You might too. Here are some of the most interesting clips we managed to get in Greece in October 2016.Much love to Nick Kouros (Athens Blade House) for hosting us! Filmed by Karsten Boysen & Benjamin Bttner. Starring Scott Quinn | Carson Starnes | Chris Farmer | Josh Glowicki | Joe Atkinson | David Sizemore | Dominik Wagner | Chris Smith | Richie Eisler Presented by Loco Skates | And supported by: Powerskate | https://www.powerskate.euBlackjack Project | https://www.tbjp.deDEAD Wheels | https://www.bladingisdead.comVibralux | https://vibraluxskategoods.coSyeahskate | https://syeahskate.comArcena | https://www.arcena.comGo Project | https://goblading.comGround Control | https://www.gc-uprising.comRazors | https://www.razorskate.comIntuition | https://www.intuitionskate.comMore good stuff:

Scoot and Boot| DESERTED desert skatepark! (Scamp and Shred)

Scamp and ShredScoot and Boot| DESERTED desert skatepark!
from Scamp and Shred on 29 Feb 2020

This adventure takes place in the Anza desert in a quiet town called Borrego Springs. Its completely deserted on the weekends! We went from the snowy Laguna mountains to the hot hot desert. Our lips are now the consistency of rubber. Just thought you should know. Enjoy! Instagram: @adventuresofscootandboot @bladiecoco @vincentkudrnaTikTok: @scootandboot

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